Android vs iPhone Security

Is your iPhone and Android Phone secure? Check-in one min!  Android is open for all and iOS is centered only for iPhone users.

Is Android secure to use?

It is open-source for all.

No central authority regulates its security. It may matter of suspicion for some android users. Don't worry Google takes care android security.

Security Features in Android OS

1. Google provides Protection during downloading Applications. 2. Protection during sharing data. 3. Tips on what to do and what not to do.

Some Special features

1. Authentication is the most popular feature of android. 2. Application Signing and Biometrics play an important role. 3. Verified boot enhance its security.

iPhone Security features.

1. iOS provides Hardware security. 2. End-to-end encryption and data security. 3. iOS provides its application security.

Android vs iPhone

1.iOS users have a better side deal in comparison with android. 2. Android can be affected by many malware but one iOS dedicated malware can cause huge loss.

More vulnerable

1. iOS is less vulnerable as compared to Android OS. 2. Both platforms can eliminate any threat if they are updated regularly.

Tips for Android users

>Right precautions make android safe > Download any application from a trusted source. >Install any trusted antivirus software.

Tips for iOS users

> You must turn on "find my iPhone" > You must use your face ID and set a strong password. >Apple ID must be secure.

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