3 Ways to Identify the Owner of a Suspicious Phone Number

Learn 3 Ways to Identify who is the Owner of a Suspicious or unknown Phone Number in this web story

Who might be the unknown caller?

· A business or inquiry number · Spam call or telemarketing call · Someone (friend or relative) who got a new number

Best ways to identify any unknown number

There are many ways but the most efficient methods are 1. Searching on social networking sites 2. Using a reverse phone check website 3. Using dedicated apps

Method 1: Searching on social networks

Log into your social media ID Type the number in the search box. Try searching the number in double quotes (“ “) The account connected to the number will appear.

Helpful social networking sites can be:

· Facebook (facebook.com) · Twitter (twitter.com) · LinkedIn (linkedin.com) · You can also use the mobiles apps for these websites

Method 2: Using a reverse phone check website

Free/paid reports are provided (depending on the site/service). Sometimes comprehensive, full-scale reports are also given regarding the suspicious number.

Popular reverse phone check websites

· InfoTracer (infotracer.com) · CocoFinder (cocofinder.com) · Spokeo (spokeo.com)

Method 3: Using an app

· Install the app on your smartphone · Either a popup will give you the name of the unknown caller when you receive the call or cut the call and later check details in the app

Popular apps dedicated to number tracing

· TrapCall · TrueCaller · WhosCall · Mr. Number · CallApp · ShowCaller

When to block a number

Unwanted frequent callers or numbers reported as spam should be blocked as they might ask for sensitive information and be fraud calls.

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