Zoom Voice Changer

In this article, I will be articulating a detailed study on zoom application, how it works, and the highlight of this article zoom voice changer. Everybody here is well aware of how much impact this pandemic has done on our lives. It’s like everything has suddenly taken a 360-degree change and along with time people have started living their lives with constant fear. And the sectors that have been awfully affected are jobs and education. The immediate solution to keep schools and jobs persistent was to start online schooling and work from home. And now after one year of this whole pandemic apps like zoom, google meet, Microsoft Teams, and numerous other applications have been widely used. This is the new normal.


So, without running around in circles let’s jump onto this article and explore every bit of this application known to all as Zoom. I am sure everyone is familiar with this app, as now in this difficult situation this application has not just helped us with work, but also kept us connected to our dear one’s. And even if you never heard of this application, then Gossipfunda is here to help with Zoom Voice Changer.


Zoom Video Communications established in the United States founded in 2011, but primarily made its prominence during this global pandemic. Also, Zoom is a cloud-based video exchange application that grants you to set up virtual video and sound conferencing, online schooling, live messaging during the meeting, sharing the screen, and other helpful functions.

You need not have to worry to undergo the signup process to attend a Zoom meeting, and this software program is suitable for Windows, Linux, iOS, MAC, and Android, which implies nearly anyone can get to it. Clearly, video-conferencing applications aren’t foreign to us. Zoom is just one in a long line of particular open interfaces that consolidate Cisco Webex, Google Meet, and Skype. To lay it out simply, a significant piece of Zoom’s appeal is its simplicity. It’s not hard to start, the application is lightweight, and the interface is respectably normal to use with notable features like Gallery View — a mode that grants you to see every person on the call all simultaneously and on a similar screen — fused straightforwardly into the application.

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Zoom Features

  • Group Chatting
  • You can even record your meeting for later reference.
  • Coaction: Multiple people can share their screen concurrently.
  • HD quality video and audio calling facility
  • Efficient and automated scheduling for meetings
  • Engaging: Polls, raising a hand, give reactions.

All the setup procedure that I will be talking about is applicable to windows and android. If any iOS or MAC reader here, then please do the setup accordingly. But I am sure there’s not much difference. The basic approach is the same.

How to install?

The easiest process, there are no complications at all. All you need to do is search this on google: “ Download Zoom “ you can add the platform as well. Here in my case, I searched for “Download Zoom for windows” and hit Enter.

The next step you need to do is visit the first site you see on your screen. That is the official Zoom page. And download the version compatible for your system.

How to install zoom?

Setup Process

The reason behind the wide popularity of Zoom is that it is made in such a way that even a primary grade student can use it. Simplicity and ease of use is the highlight of this software.

Why am I saying this? Is because after successful installation of this software whether it be on windows, MAC or android phones, the sign-up process is not mandatory. To attend a meeting, you simply need to enter the link or ID that is provided to you. Using Zoom is effortless.

On the other hand, if you want to host a meeting the sign-up procedure is a must. Which is also quite simple as Zoom puts forward multiple options for you, it’s up to your convenience which option to choose.

 Zoom Voice Changer

I know many readers are here for this part of the article. So, let’s just begin.

In case you’re arranging an occasion, show, or video and you don’t have extra colleagues, a voice transformer could help. With only one of these smart gadgets, you can present the best of yourself. You can loan believability and polished skill to any occasion with elegance, reasonable utilization of a Zoom voice changer. For instance, you can utilize one to present yourself at a business meeting, record multi-character scripts and add additional voices to introductions.

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What to search for in a voice changer

The main nature of a voice transformer gadget is legitimacy – the voice should be trustworthy as a human voice or it won’t ever be compelling for any of the reasons above. You ought to likewise search for movability, similarity with the devices you will in general utilize, and the number and range of voice changing choices accessible. Charge time, battery life, and usability are additionally vital.

There are numerous voice changer applications, here I will particularly be talking about Voicemod.


Voicemod is a constant voice transformer and soundboard programming for Windows gamers, artists or company presenters . It constructs sound tools to make it simple for anybody to make their novel sonic personality and voice skins. A straightforward online voice modifier and transformer with impacts can change over your voice into a female, young lady, or robot.

Voicemod is an extraordinary looking application with a significantly more amazing rundown of voice channels available to it. You will look over a wide scope of voice impacts that can have some good times and down to earth employment. On the off chance that you need to make your voice sound like a robot, Voicemod can assist you with doing that.

Devices like ZOOM, Google Hangouts, Duo, and Houseparty are frequently used to settle on video decisions to friends and family or collaborators. It’s an ideal time to Facetime! In the event that you need to improve your voice during these video calls, give them a great touch and shock everybody, you should attempt Voicemod, a voice transformer with impacts that incorporates into any work area application in a straightforward manner. An engaging mode to interact with everybody!

Minimize the disturbance of your microphone, use voices of a professional or robotic, use autotune to sing with your zoom friends and for the fun part make peculiar voices to attract the little ones in the family zoom video call. An approach to settle on various video decisions or Facetime through ZOOM, Google Hangouts and Houseparty Chrome Extension.

Implement the installation setup of Zoom Voice Changer

  1. Download and once done follow the installation procedure of Voicemod Application for voice transformation.
Zoom Voice Changer
  1. Go to your app’s Audio Settings and change Microphone (WDM)) as Default Microphone. Presently all you require to do is save the changes and click on Apply. Now once everything is done it’s time for a Video Call!
Zoom Voice Changer-2
  1. Open ZOOM, Google Meet , Teams and talk.
  1. Keep in mind, when you would prefer not to utilize Voicemod you need to set your genuine receiver as your info gadget once more.

Other applications:

1. Voxal Voice Changer

It should be nothing unexpected to what this does as the name essentially justifies itself with real evidence. Voxal is a standout amongst other voice transformers on the rundown as it is allowed to utilize and gives an impressive voice library. It is not difficult to change, adjust and mask your voice in pretty much every application. This product even backings CCSGO, Rainbow Six Siege, Steam applications and Games, Zoom, Skype, and so on

2. MorphVox

MorphVox is another extraordinary voice transformer for Windows 10 by screamingbee, with an attention on upgrading your voice by means of prevalent voice learning innovation, foundation commotion abrogation and sound quality. Three fundamental voice tones are of man, lady and a youngster. Everything rotates around these three tones. For more fun, you can change to different sounds also like cyborg, evil spirit, and so forth

3. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

Audio4fun has launched this Voice Changer and this system diamond is perhaps the finest tool under the paid variety. It can change voice progressively as well as allows you to alter sound in waveform design. Here you can transform and record your voice, cut and blend it in with other sound documents and even adjust it to various record designs.

4. Fake Voice

Fake Voice is a free voice transformer for windows 10. You may experience a variety of trick apparatuses with the name of Fake Voice, and some of them may be noxious. FakeWebcam came up with this tool. As the name proposes, the essential objective here is to counterfeit the voice. It is perhaps the most straightforward device on the rundown. We don’t suggest this one for proficient reasons, however you can generally trick somebody and play around with Fake Voice.

6. Clownfish Voice Changer

Across the system, it provides voice changing for windows 10 gadgets. Here, all sound-catching applications or gadgets will be influenced as it introduces on the framework level. As this is framework level, you can make certain of getting the ideal voice yield for all well-known applications without changing any inside application setups. You should simply permit clownfish to get to the framework receiver and some other sound gadget if accessible.

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So, to sum up, everything that I have put forward in this article starts from the basic understanding of Zoom and how it has proven to be valuable to all of us in this difficult situation. Right from kindergarten students to working professionals, everybody is aware of Zoom and utilizing it. I have also talked about the basic setup of zoom in a very understanding format. And also, the most crucial part of this article Zoom Voice Changer.

Why it is necessary to use a voice changer application. I have provided a detailed study of the Voicemod application and how to use it with Zoom. I have also mentioned a few other voice changer applications. You can go for any of the above applications according to your preference. At the end, I would suggest you all to give this a try, as it will surely have an impact and also make you more presentable and confident.