Wp Rocket Vs W3 Total Cache

Wp Rocket Vs W3 Total Cache

You might hear about Wp Rocket Vs W3 Total Cache if you are a blogger or web designer. Confused between which is the best web plugin, Wp Rocket or W3 Total Cache. We will make a full comparison for you, so you don’t have to take any stress. Keep reading to know more about Wp Rocket Best Setting and Be aware of WP Rocket Fake Sites.


You have a blog website. You want to fast its speed but confused between which one to use. Wp rocket and W3 total Cache both are the best. We will make a full-on comparison to find out which is the best and why. But first of all, let us look into the basics.

What is catching and how it works?

Wp Rocket Vs W3 Total Cache: Website caching is as similar to the Cache generated on your computer. It makes temporary files on the system, so the next time the user opens it, it will load fast. It is the same with the websites, and when you visit some website, the system makes the Cache of the website in the device. However, you need some plugins to enable this caching process on your device. That is where Wp Rocket Vs W3 total Cache comes in play. They become part of SEO after the great update of google: core web vitals.

There are a lot of plugins available for caching on WordPress. But Wp rocket and W3 Total Cache are the most used.

There are some benefits of using the caching plugins, some of them are.

  • Enabling these plugins on your website will increase its loading time and responsiveness.
  • It will reduce the loading of unwanted Cache on your host server.
  • In the end, it will provide a better user experience to the visitors of the website.

Now we have seen the basics let us focus on comparing both of them. First of all, we see both of them one by one them we will see their pros and cons, and in the last, we will compare them. Let us roll into it.

Wp Rocket Vs W3 Total Cache
Wp Rocket Vs W3 Total Cache

Wp Rocket

Wp Rocket is a user-friendly, web caching plugin. It is beginners friendly. It costs between $49-$210. it is currently used on more than 7k+ websites. This is one of the widely used words press plugin. Some of its features are as follows:

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Wp Rocket W3 Total Cache
Wp Rocket W3 Total Cache
  • It creates page caches to load websites fastly.
  • This plugin compresses the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files to make the website works faster.
  • It also compresses the images to load it fastly.
  • There are many other features.

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Some of its main features include

Easy Setup

It is effortless to set up on your WordPress. You just have to search for the plugin. Buy the plugin, and it will install to your WordPress account. As it is straightforward to install, anyone can install it. Those who have no idea or new to WordPress can install it. That is why this called user-friendly and beginners friendly plugin.

Page Catching

Page catching is also very easy in this plugin. As it is the main feature of this plugin, this should be easy to use. It catches the page for the visitors to make the page load fast. All you have to click on the Cache button in the plugin’s settings panel to start page caching on the website.

You can also modify the catchings settings on this page to make the catching fast. These settings can be found in the Advanced Rules.

WP Rocket
WP Rocket

Browser Caching

This plugin also features browser caching to store the website data on the website, so the next time the user visits the website, it will load fast. It works on all the web browsers available in the market.


WP Rocket also has a feature to minimize the size of the HTML, CSS, and the JavaScript files so that the loading of the website data is fast. This is also one of the features of this plugin.

Database Optimization

This plugin also features a database optimization feature. This feature helps in the optimization of the database so that the loading of the webpage becomes fast. This feature is under the Database section in the settings panel.


the lazyload feature of this plugin helps in making the media files load faster. As the media files are big, and it takes time to load the lazyload feature of the plugin compress the media files, which loads more quickly on the website. This feature is found in the media section under the settings panel.

There are many other features in this plugin about which we will talk in some other post later. Right now, let us see the pros and cons of the WP Rocket Plugin.

PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights
PageSpeed Insights


In this section, we will see the Pros of the WP Rocket Plugin. Let us roll into it.

  • Automatic Speed Optimization: This plugin automatically optimizes the speed of the webpage to almost 70% right after the activation of this plugin on th website.
  • Add Ons: There is a lot of add ons in this plugin that you can use when you activate it.
  • Easy to use
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  • Premium: The main con of this plugin is that this plugin is entirely premium. You have to buy this plugin to use.
  • The second con, which is not a con but it is because this plugin not only caches the page but also it has the power to play with the HTML, CSS, and the other websites files. If you are not familiar with these things, don’t touch these options.

Now we have talked about WP Rocket. Let us now talk about W3 Total Cache.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is one of the popular caching plugins on WordPress. It was initially released in 2009. This is popular once now. It is not that popular because of the new plugins in the market. However, it is still one of the leading in the market of once of its popularity. It comes in two variants one is the free version, and the other one is the paid one. The free one has not that much of the features available, but the paid one has a lot of features. It costs $99. It also has many features loaded. We will see some of the plugin’s features, and then we will see its pros and cons.

Page Catching

Its main feature the page caching. It caches the webpage to make them faster. It is the same as all the other caching plugins. To activate the page caching on your website, you just have to enable page caching in the settings panel.

Browser Caching

Like all the other caching plugins, it also features Browser caching. It will cache your website data to the visitor’s browser for the next time the visitor will visit the website; it will load faster.

Database caching

It is one of the features which catches the website database to the visitor’s computer to make the website loading faster. It is as same as the other plugins, so it doesn’t\make any difference.

Object Caching support

The object catching feature of this plugin is one of the best features. The object-catching features catch all the scripts, data, and the necessary data of the website to make the loading fast.

Automatic CDN Support

This plugin also supports automatic CDN support. This feature of this plugin makes this plugin one of its kind. The automatic CDN automatically detects the best server to deliver content at a very fast speed. This feature makes the delivery of the content very optimized and thus making the website fast.

Now talking about Pros and Cons of this plugin

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PageSpeed Insights

W3 Total Cache


  • CDN Support: The biggest pro of this plugin is that it support CDN.
  • The next advantage is that this plugin is compatible with cloud flare.
  • The last pro of this is that it is free to use the plugin.


  • No Support: The biggest and the main con is that it does not provide support to the user.

These are some features of the W3 Total Cache. Now we will see the comparison between these two.

Wp rocket Vs. W3 Total Cache

As we have seen both the plugins in detail, we now know about each of the plugins. We have almost compared both of the above. The main difference between both of them is first the price and second is customer support.

Talking about price, as Wp Rocket is paid, it provides many features and support, whereas the W3 total Cache is mostly free. However, when W3 entire Cache compresses the files, it lost some of the data, which leads to the shutdown of the website, which we all don’t want.

Wp Rocket W3 Total Cache

Other than that, the W3 Total Cache is hard to configure. In which we come to our second point, the customer support, as W3 has no customer support it makes the configuration too tricky, whereas, on the other hand, it is accessible on the WP Rocket.

With that wrapping up the things, I would like to say that WP Rocket is a better choice. It is costly, but it offers a lot of options and customer support. Rest is all on you, which one you want to choose a pocket-friendly and essential feature plugin if you wish to go with W3 Total Cache.


We all need faster websites. Plugins help in making them fast, but choosing the right plugin is also an important thing. There are a lot of plugins available; we have talked about the two popular plugins.

We would like to go with WP Rocket because it is new, has a lot of features, and has excellent customer support. That is all about this post. I hope you liked the post.