Why Should You Use .NET In Your New Project?

.NET is a popular and in-demand development platform, especially in the corporate sector and among developers working with web applications, server applications, and software development. If you are thinking about hire .net developers for your project then this article is for you. You will learn the details of using .NET as well as the process of finding a reliable .NET developer.

What Can Be Created With .NET?

.NET is a development platform that provides various tools and frameworks for creating a variety of solutions. Here are some examples of solutions you can create with .NET.

Why Should You Use .NET In Your New Project?

Web Applications

Powerful web applications and sites can be developed using ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core. You can create corporate portals, e-commerce, online services, and other web applications using .NET.

Mobile Applications

Using Xamarin, a framework for developing cross-platform mobile applications, you can create applications for iOS and Android using the C# language. This allows you to create a single code that can be used on different platforms.

Cloud Applications

With the Azure platform and the ASP.NET Core framework, you can develop cloud applications using computing, storage, and other services provided by Azure. It can be a SaaS application, integration with cloud services, etc.

Database Management Systems

Using .NET technologies such as Entity Framework or ADO.NET, you can develop database management systems (DBMS). This can be the creation of applications for accessing and managing data, the development of business intelligence systems, etc.

Games And Entertainment Applications

With .NET frameworks such as Unity or MonoGame, you can create games and entertainment applications for various platforms, including computers, consoles, and mobile devices.

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Integration And API

Using the ASP.NET Web API and other .NET tools, you can create an API (Application Programming Interface) to integrate with other systems and provide access to the functionality of your application.

These are just a few examples of solutions that you can create using .NET. The possibilities of .NET are wide and depend on your needs and development goals.

Famous Companies That Use .Net

NET is widely used in various industries and is used to create a variety of applications and services. Here are some well-known companies and products that use .NET in their development:

  1. Microsoft. Microsoft is the creator of the .NET platform and actively uses it in its products, including the Windows operating system, Microsoft Office, Azure, Visual Studio, and many others.
  1. DELL. DELL, one of the largest computer technology companies, uses .NET to develop its web applications and management tools.
  1. GitHub. One of the most popular services for hosting and managing Git repositories, GitHub uses .NET to develop its web interface and other platform components.
  1. Slack. Slack, a popular communication and collaboration tool, uses .NET to develop its back-end components and integrations.
  1. Unity. One of the leading game development engines, Unity supports .NET-based game development, allowing developers to use C# to create game logic.
  1. Siemens. Siemens uses .NET in a number of its automation and process control software solutions.
  1. DocuSign. DocuSign, an electronic document signing and workflow management platform, uses .NET for its web services and integrations. They use the ASP.NET framework and other .NET tools to process user requests and ensure data security.

Why Should You Involve .NET Developers In The Project?

.NET is a powerful and widely used development platform with many benefits that make .NET developers valuable to many companies. There are several reasons why you should hire .NET developers. Here are some of them:

  1. Cross-platform.
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.NET is a platform that supports the development of applications for various operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. This allows you to create applications that can run on different platforms without having to rewrite code from scratch.

  1. Extensive library and toolkit.

.NET has an extensive class library that provides out-of-the-box solutions for a variety of tasks. This allows developers to quickly and efficiently build applications using pre-existing components. In addition, .NET has powerful development tools such as Visual Studio that make it easy to build and debug applications.

  1. High performance.

.NET is a high-performance platform due to its optimized memory handling and code execution. This is especially important when developing scalable and high-performance applications such as web applications or database management systems.

  1. Wide developer community.

.NET has a large and active community of developers who share their knowledge, and experience, and build ready-to-use components and libraries. This makes the development process more efficient and makes problem-solving easier.

  1. Support and Updates.

.NET is a product of Microsoft, which provides reliable support and regular updates. This means that .NET developers can rely on up-to-date tools and technologies, as well as get support from the Microsoft development team when problems arise.

​​How to Find a Reliable .NET Developer

Finding a reliable .NET developer can take some effort and time, especially if you have specific requirements or are in a competitive environment. However, with the right search methods, careful screening of candidates, and active engagement with potential developers, you can increase your chances of finding a reliable .NET developer for your project.

Conduct interviews with potential candidates to assess their knowledge and skills in .NET development. Ask questions about key .NET concepts, standard development practices, performance optimizations, and more. This will help you gauge the candidate’s level of expertise and ability to solve complex problems.

Develop a small technical problem or let the candidate solve a problem related to .NET development. This will allow you to evaluate his programming skills, code structure, understanding of the main concepts, and the level of quality of his work.

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Use online platforms, forums, and .NET developer communities to find guidance and advice from other professionals. Share your requirements and ask for recommendations about trusted .NET developers.

A reliable .NET developer not only has technical skills but also communicates well and can work in a team. Pay attention to the candidate’s communication skills and his ability to collaborate with other project participants.

Wrapping It Up

.NET remains a popular and in-demand development platform due to its flexibility, scalability, community support, and enterprise adoption. .NET developers have access to a wide range of tools, libraries, and resources, making them valuable professionals in the job market. If you want to hire experienced .NET developers for the development of your project but do not want to spend time looking for them, we recommend Digiteum. The company provides comprehensive services for the development of solutions based on .NET for SMBs and enterprises in Europe, Australia, and North America.