Why are my messages Green

If you have an iPhone, you’ve probably wondered at some point why some of your messages are green and others are blue. Your phone sends green instant messages for a very simple reason, but you might be surprised by how different they are from blue ones. Below, we contrast the differences between blue and green instant messages and respond to your most insightful queries: Why my messages are green?

You’re not alone if you’ve recently realized that your iMessage conversations have turned green. Your message might turn green rather than blue because of some of the reasons. One of these is if the individual you’re chatting with sends the message over SMS rather than iMessage. Presuming the person, you’re chatting with has blocked you, can be another factor that may cause your iMessages to turn green.

Why are my messages green?

A green background indicates that your phone provider used SMS to deliver the message you sent or received. It frequently went to a non-iOS device as well, like a Windows or Android phone. An iOS smartphone can occasionally send and receive green instant messages. When one of the devices’ iMessage is turned off, this occurs. By heading to Settings on your iPhone (the gear icon) and then to Messages, you may determine whether iMessage is enabled or disabled. Hence, Enable iMessage.

Why are my messages Green
Why are my messages Green

The traditional SMS instant message is displayed on the green message foundation. It signifies that a message you sent to someone else was sent by SMS message administration rather than Apple iMessage. The presence of a blue message on your device indicates that an iMessage was used to send the message. Wondering why this happened?

There could be several reasons why a text message changed to a green color. It might be possible that currently the server is down or the administrator is temporarily unavailable on your iPhone.

Why are my messages Green? does it mean I am Blocked?

Apple’s texting platform is called iMessage, which was launched in October 2011. This application is only compatible with Apple’s operating systems, including iOS, macOS, iPad, and watchOS. There are primarily two important methods for sending messages using an iPhone and other Apple devices. The main technique is to use the SMS/MMS application. The next method is making use of the iMessage program.

Although Apple device users can send messages effectively using both the SMS/MMS and iMessage applications, you should be aware that there are some key differences between the two. The main distinction is that you can only send iMessages—messages, photographs, or recordings—to Apple device owners using the iMessage program (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac). According to Apple, these communications, which appear encrypted and always appear in blue message bubbles, can always be sent via cell data or using a Wi-Fi connection.

However, those who do not use the iMessage app are the target audience for the SMS/MMS app. Additionally, Apple emphasized that communications from the SMS/MMS apps are not encoded, in contrast to iMessages.

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It’s also important to be aware that SMS/MMS messages only get to appear as green bubbles and can be either messages or images. There is also a situation in which an android user is messaging an iPhone user.

There are three key differences between iMessage and SMS/MMS, as may be clear. One of them is the fact that messages from the first choice show up as blue bubbles and messages from the last as green bubbles. Another notable difference between the two is that while messages from SMS/MMS are not encrypted, those from iMessages are. iMessages only benefit Apple device users, to sum up. However, SMS/MMS can be used by anyone even if they don’t have the iMessage software.

We should now go back to the important topic of whether receiving a green iMessage indicates that you have been blocked. That much is obvious: receiving green messages from friends who use Apple devices is a not good indication as they have blocked you on the iMessenger software.

Main concern: Having green iMessages is undoubtedly not a good indication as your friend has blocked you on their messenger application. But keep in mind that this isn’t the major explanation for why the green bubbles could appear. There are other reasons that can blame for the green color of messages.

Why do my iMessages start delivering green messages?

If your iMessages suddenly start transmitting green bubbles, it might imply a lot of different reasons. We should quickly review some of the common causes listed below:

1. Not using the iMessage app to send

As you undoubtedly already know, the iMessage invention only applies to Apple products, such as iPhones, iPads, and Macs. The messages, in this case, will appear on your application as blue bubbles. If you’ve been communicating frequently with someone, but all of a sudden, the messages start to appear green, this may indicate that they no longer have saved you in their iMessage application. It essentially suggests that the person has blocked you.

Not being blocked is what mostly causes iMessages to turn green. This could also result in an unexpected difference in the variety of blue-green bubbles if the person you’re speaking to isn’t using the iMessage program but rather the SMS/MMS application. Finally, it’s also possible that the user moved from using an Apple device to an Android device, which doesn’t support iMessage, all of a sudden. The person may have the choice to accept your messages in this case by using the SMS/MMS application that is set as the default on their SMS application.

Several factors could cause your iMessages to unexpectedly turn green. Your unexpected blocking by the people you’re visiting is the main cause. On the other hand, it’s possible that these people aren’t currently using their iMessage application to send you messages. They are using the SMS/MMS program due to which you are receiving green messages.

2. No Available Beneficiary Device

As previously said, your beneficiary can also be the reason why green iPhone texts start to appear. Determine first if any of your contacts are experiencing iMessage green troubles.

If your receivers don’t have an iPhone or have iMessage disabled, your messages will convert to SMS and show as a green bubble on iPhone messages. They might not have a trustworthy web connection, which is another possible explanation. Checking whether the other person is using an iPhone or has iMessage switched on is all you need to do to fix this right now.

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3. The Network Is Down

Just keep in mind that iMessage might work if your iPhone is online. Therefore, network or online association troubles with the iPhone could be the cause of the green iPhone messages.

Ways to fix it:

  • Make sure your phone is connected to Wi-Fi by sliding up from the top of the screen. Turn off your Wi-Fi and resend your iMessage using your data if your connection is unstable.
  • In any case, if the problem persists, you might choose to reset the network settings on your phone. Go to Settings > Reset to reset the network settings. Without erasing the current data, the network will be reset. Hence it is not that important to keep the backup of your device as this step will not erase your data.

4. iMessage is not functioning

When you discover that the aforementioned advice is no longer effective in getting your iMessage to function then go for the remaining steps.

Additionally, if the color of your iMessage changes to green with each contact, your iMessage requires maintenance, or you should take this as a significant indication that there is a problem with your iPhone.

5. iMessage Server down might be the reason behind you wondering “Why are my messages Green

As mentioned before, messages transmitted via the iMessage app to another user of the app are typically encoded and appear as blue bubbles. Nevertheless, what can happen if the iMessage server goes down?

It’s simple; if the iMessage server is offline, none of the messages will be encrypted. The messages will, in the end, change the message color from blue to green because they will be transmitted using the SMS/MMS program. Most crucially, your iMessages might appear as green bubbles rather than blue if you or your beneficiary experienced a temporary lack of conversation.

How could my green instant messages be fixed?

Depending on why your iMessages are showing up with green bubbles rather than blue ones, there are two or three ways to fix the problem.

Have you enabled the iMessage to fix the issue of green messages? If not, you’re simply communicating with your friends via the SMS/MMS program. This application will display the messages as green bubbles rather than blue ones. All you need to do to fix this problem. Enable the iMessage highlight on your device in the settings app. You can take care of your device by adhering to the simple and plain steps below.

  • Launch the Settings app on your device in the first place. Next, find and select the “Messages” menu.
  • The “iMessage” switch must then be found and turned on to enable it.
  • That’s all there is to it; at this time, you should be able to choose to have your messages appear as blue bubbles.

You are well aware of the possibility that a successful server could cause your iMessage to go to green bubbles rather than blue ones. Check to make sure you have enough data in this circumstance, presuming that you’re using your mobile data. If so, think about purchasing extra data so that your messages will undoubtedly seem blue.

  • Your iMessages will unquestionably appear green and not blue if the remote connection is bad where you are. You can choose to have your iMessages appear as blue bubbles rather than green by moving from your current location to one with better internet access.
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Can it be mentioned that you are currently seeing green text increases instead of blue ones? Another thing you may do is to think about using the turn-it-off-then-turn-it-on-again trick. This trick might help in fixing your issue.

One of the tricks involves periodically changing the iMessage highlight on your device via the settings app.

  • Open your settings program and tap on Messages. Next, locate and tap on iMessage.
  • Then, locate iMessages and press on it to turn the feature off. Tap the switch button only a single time and then again tap it, So that it can be turned On.
  • You can use the trick of turning off and then back on your FaceTime feature, which utilizes the same server as your iMessage program. In this manner, locate FaceTime in your settings application. Turn the component off and back on again from that point

You might also be able to resolve the green text bubbles issue by signing out of your Apple record and signing back in. Open your settings program to accomplish this. then look for the bar that displays your name at the top of your screen. Tap the bar to sign in and out, then sign back in using your Apple secret phrase.


iPhone is unquestionably a perfect phone, but occasionally it makes mistakes like the green instant message on the iPhone. Also, green messages can be because of a variety of reasons due to which you cannot blame only a single reason. Fortunately, as we have explained above in our article, iMessage typically just needs a simple remedy. In this way, I hope you may have got an answer to your query of”Why are my messages Green”.


Does iMessage Green Indicate Blocking?

Once you realize someone has an iPhone, all of your communications with them will suddenly turn green. Therefore, your iMessages may be blocked. However, as we have mentioned concerning many explanations for why the iPhone green message can appear, this is merely a sign and not a guarantee.

How Can You Tell If a Green Text Message Was Sent?

Green instant messages may have been noticed if you forget to send them, unlike blue iMessages that give the Delivered signal. In the unlikely event that you don’t see the “Not delivered” indication, the message may have already been delivered at that point.