Where Do Archived Emails Go?

One of the most used web services these days is Gmail. More than 1.5 billion users have Gmail accounts worldwide. Today in this article we will learn about Gmail in general and also its origin. We will learn about its importance, its features, how to create an account, and how to create an email. Also, how to find out where archived emails go in Gmail?

The main topic of our discussion today in this article would be to know in detail where the archived emails go. We’ll also shed some light on how Gmail works with some third-party programs. What is Gmail?

Gmail: A free web-based email service created by Google

If we talk about a little history of Gmail, we should know that Google started developing Gmail in 2001. Then, in 2004, it was made public after a small group of people had access to its beta test version.

In 2007, it was formally unveiled to the public. This time, the testing produced a superb email tool after a lengthy period of development because Gmail is currently among the most popular and dependable email services available. Its popularity is due to its many features along with its amazing interface, which is present to make Gmail learn to its user better and faster.

Where Do Archived Emails Go

Why Should You Use Gmail?

The primary reason Gmail is so widely popular is that it has both good and bad sides. The primary attributes include storage, layout, sophisticated search, personalization, and integration filters and labels. Let us now examine each feature of Gmail and how you might use it to your advantage. Let us start!

Storage space

While its rivals provided 2 to 4 megabytes, Google expanded its storage potential over time. Now its size has changed to 15 gigabytes of initial Gmail storage. This amount is available for free and you would like to know that you just need to save and save all the important emails that you need for future reference.

Please note that the 15GB of free storage is in between Google Photos, Google Drive, and Gmail. Additionally, if you desire extra space, you may purchase it. However, if you work for a firm, your best alternative is to take into account one of the G Suite subscriptions for your convenience.


Gmail was the first webmail provider to shatter the inbox interface’s mold and give customers a more organized and clean look. One thing that Gmail show us is the vision of grouping emails by subject. All prior relevant communications are visible in a collapsible vertical thread when you reply to a message. This makes it easy to visualize the entire conversation and helps you easily review previous discussions. You can also choose from three different inbox views: Default, Convenient or Compact.

Security and Anti-Spam

Gmail always upgrades its antivirus and anti-malware software scanners to provide you with the utmost protection and protection. If we take an example, we can talk about how all file attachments are present on Google servers.

So if there is a virus or malware along with the message, a warning will pop up on your screen that will keep the message safe enough. Great spam filters are available in Gmail that shield users from potential spam messages reaching their primary inbox.

Organizational characteristics

Receiving a large number of emails daily can change any inbox. Gmail provides a variety of resources to aid you in organizing it. You should know that it is very similar to an email folder. The main distinction is that you can use various labels on a single email.


To handle and organize all incoming emails, and create filters. These filters will automatically apply labels, forward messages, or delete emails depending on how you set them up and what kind of service you need at the time.


When you start a message, it goes to the top of your inbox and marks it as a priority to reply to or review. You can use cards to categorize your emails. Some standard cards are already present there in your inbox. They are named as ‘Primary, Social, and Promotion’.

You may instantly locate any email message you need by searching for it in the Gmail search box whenever you need to. This box has a Google search engine attached to it which helps you get results instantly and makes your work easier.

If you need to search, you just need to enter the criteria and details that you entered in the search box above and then you have to click on “enter”. Additionally, you can search beforehand by clicking the arrow in the right-hand corner of the search area. You can find your messages using other search criteria such as “From,” “To,” “Subject,” message content, attachments, size, and more by opening a dialogue box with additional search parameters.

How To Create A Gmail Account?

You’ll see a blue box with the words “Create Account” in the middle of the page and the upper right corner when you first land on the Gmail home page after typing “Gmail” into the Google search box.

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Among a lot of options that you would now see, you need to select one of them to start creating your account. You must submit some information in a straightforward form on the following page. The information you must enter is as follows:

  1. Your first and last name.
  2. A valid username and suggestions will be displayed if the username is not available.
  3. Your preferred password and confirmation.
  • Simply press Next to verify these data. In the next step, you have to enter your mobile number next f security purposes.
  • An SMS on your phone would pop up along with a confirmation code contained inside it.
  • Please make sure your sim is receiving messages at this time for this process to flourish.

Then, to protect the account, you must provide some more data: additional email, birth date, and gender.

Then, on the following screen, you may decide whether or not to add your phone number to your account so that you can use it to access Google services like video calls and messaging. There is also an option available for you where you can choose to not accept it. Now, the step that you see ahead is where you would get all the information regarding whether to accept Gmail’s terms and privacy statement or not. Your account is now ready after accepting these terms.

How To Set Up Your Gmail Account?

Before utilizing an account to send and receive emails, you must configure it after creating one. Follow the steps given below to do this:-

  1. Click Next in the Welcome pop-up window;
  2. Then select a view: Default, Convenient or Compact;
  3. You will need to do a few more steps as your account is only 10% configured.

Theme Selection

 If you wish to modify the theme or even choose a new one, you can use this option. To customize the layout of your Gmail account, simply click this button and select a theme. Learn how to use Gmail: This feature comes with a message that says “help” and when you click on it, it will open a “Help” popup and clear your doubts

How to Find Archived Emails in Gmail

Gmail is currently a modern service that does not allow its users to use the outdated management practices that Microsoft Outlook provides. It makes sure that it is using a flexible system instead of that. Now, in this article, we will talk about how you can find archived emails in Gmail.

Also, we will be discussing everything about the labeling system of Gmail with the help of which you can make the most out of everything in Gmail for your assistance. Clean email is a very famous feature among users as it is a bulk organizer present in the inbox section and it consists of a lot of amazing features and options.

What Are ‘Archived Emails’?

The older email software such as Microsoft Outlook is designed and made in such a way that you can put, store and organize your important messages in respective folders. But, the biggest and only problem that you can encounter with this method is that one message by you can only be put into one folder only.

You must be wondering what is exactly meant by this after all. Well, this just means that if you wish to not scatter your work and only maintain a single place of your work where you can keep all the emails that are work-related.

You can create a customized folder with the title “work” for this purpose and then you can go ahead and organize your work emails according to their importance and priority. If you love to have an organization system that is folder-based then you can put a message to a folder that was has the label as “work” by you and then you can access it according to your own need and choice.

Some Cautionary Points

Please be aware that the message cannot be present in both folders at once. You need to keep such key points and facts in mind in order to carry out a hassle-free process of browsing through emails. Now, you might wonder what could you possibly do so as to prevent this from happening or what possible protections you could introduce for this to not happen.

In order to reduce or remove limitations completely, Gmail provides you with a very effective organization system that is said to be label-based. In this system, you are allowed to attach as many labels to your selected messages, as you want.

Labeling your messages could prove to be very helpful as it helps you to differentiate between the nature of email and also marks the emails that are important to you with a customized message. Gmail also provides you with an option to decide on which emails you would like to see the labels that you have set and on which emails you do not wish to see the labels.

You can select and deselect labels on those particular emails accordingly as per your need and preference. These features combined make the organization system of Gmail much better and more effective. An effective organization system always proves to be beneficial to the users to establish hassle-free management.

Where Do Archived Emails Go In Gmail?

Speaking of which, archived emails are just normal messages that have an “archive” label and not an “inbox label” because it’s removed by default. There is no need to remove these messages or deny access to users because if that happens then it creates a huge problem for everyone.

These email messages are stored with your other messages and can be accessed within seconds whenever needed, and Gmail ensures that they are completely searchable. You should know that Gmail does not display the archive label along with other labels and this is quite a common source of confusion and curiosity among all users, including the most experienced ones. To view archived emails in Gmail, just select the ‘all emails’ label and then manually search for archived Gmail messages using subject lines that are already set, such as the delivery date and sender information.

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How To Find Archived Emails In Gmail?

Gmail creates a universal label known as “all mail,” and when you tap on that label, you’ll find that all email messages you have in your Gmail inbox include archived messages.

Now you need to enter the email address you have for your Google account and then you need to click on sign in if you have not yet ‘signed in’ to your Gmail account. Now, locate the hamburger menu by going to the upper left corner of the screen, where you will see the context menu and labels.

Please take note that in order to view the “all mail” label when working on a desktop, you must select the “more/less” option at the bottom of the inbox options tree. After choosing the “all mail” label, you can proceed. If your Gmail inbox doesn’t include a lot of emails, this strategy will work best for you.

If you are not among them, you should not use this method and should focus on the method explained in this article on how to find archived emails in Gmail. To do this process you can follow the following steps:-

  1. Type “had:houselabels-in: Sent -in:Chat -in:Draft -in:Inbox”.
  2. This is the last method you can use to find archived emails in your Gmail again using the search box.
  3. Locate the search bar, then click it.
  4. Type a few words, maybe one or two that appeared in the email, and then press enter.

It’s usually preferable to start with as few words as possible and extend to reduce the number of results you get because the more words you type, the fewer results you get.

All of the emails with that word will be now be present right away in Gmail.

How To Retrieve Archived Emails In Gmail?

Because they don’t grasp how Gmail organizes email messages, many users don’t know where to look for archived emails in the service. To our information, they are not aware of how to access archived mail and the confirmed step to retrieve them successfully. 

Now, that you are fully aware of how you can access any of the ‘archived mails’ in your Gmail account. So now you can just go for any of the three methods of your choice which are present in the early portion of this guide in order to meet your requirements.

You can follow the steps given below in order to recover your archived emails in Gmail:-

  1. Go to: https://mail.google.com/
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Find the archived message. You can either look for a message in the All Messages tab or in the search box.
  4. Select the box by the message. Alternatively, if you’re using Gmail, tap and hold the message.
  5. At the top, click Move to Inbox.
  6. By doing this, you will now see that particular email present in your inbox and the “Archive” label will be removed.

Archived emails in Gmail on Android: How to find them?

There are two ways to locate and see archived Gmail emails on the Android version of Gmail.

  1. Enter the sender’s email address or another pertinent keyword in the search box by clicking it.
  2. Scroll through the search results to find archived emails.
  3. The most recent emails are displayed first in Gmail for Android’s list of emails, which is organized by date. You might need to go far down to find an email that has been stored in Gmail from a long time ago.
  1. You would see that a hamburger-like icon is present at the top of the screen. Click on it.
  2. Select the All Messages tab.
  3. Browse through all email messages with the All Messages label to find archived emails.

The ability to display solely archived emails and nothing else is sadly not available.

How Does Clean Email Archive Emails Automatically?

Because email archiving spares you from having to delete email messages, it’s a terrific way to clear out your inbox. There isn’t much purpose in deleting emails anymore because every Gmail user gets 15GB of data per account for free.

Even if a message appears utterly useless at the time, you never know when it will be useful. You should ideally archive emails automatically, however, Gmail lacks this capability. We advise Clean Email as a result, an online bulk email cleaner with intelligent filters.

It can sort through your inbox for you, package emails into manageable groups, and automatically carry out various operations including email archiving. It is true that you can use any email service and you would find that Clean Email is compatible and suitable with each one of them.

Not to mention, it is highly suitable for Gmail also. You just need to sign in with the help of your Gmail account that you had set up and then you are good to go! With Clean Email, you can simply select to apply the action to all matching emails in the future with a single click to automatically archive emails. You can, for instance, set social network notifications to be automatically ‘archived’ because you probably do not need to read them anyhow.

Archiving Gmail emails with Clean Email

You can follow the steps given below in order to carry out this process:-

  1. Go to: https://app.clean.email
  2. Sign in to your mailbox account.
  3. In the left pane, select Inbox and select the group of emails you want to archive.
  4. The archive button would help you to archive all the selected emails at once. 
  5. With the help of the archive button, you can finalize your choice. 

We strongly advise using this option to streamline email management when you archive emails from Gmail with Clean Email because it will automatically archive any future emails that match the same criteria.

Additionally, an Android and iOS app for Clean Email is available, and its outstanding user reviews speak for themselves. Try Clean Email to see how much easier your life will be if you want to improve your email management without putting in much work.

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How Do I Find Archived Emails In The Gmail App?

You should know that when you choose to log in to your Gmail account through the web version then there are two ways present to find the archived messages in Gmail in the Gmail app on your device.

Please refer to the steps given below:-

  1. Search for a particular message with the help of the Gmail search bar.
  2. There is a hamburger menu icon that is present on the top of the screen, which would help you explore labels. Click on it to know more.

To our dismay, there is no ‘archived’ label that allows you to locate the Gmail messages. No other messages at all with the help of a single click and an interesting fact is that Gmail does not happen to show interest in any step of its implementation process.

How To Find Archived Emails In Gmail Using Clean Email App?

If you have to move or shift a single email to the archive folder present in Gmail, then almost everyone would admit that it is a pretty easy task to accomplish. But when we talk about moving hundreds of emails to the archive folder then it would be a matter of concern as it could take you all day or even days. 

It could prove to be an extremely tedious task for you. So what could you possibly do in a situation like this? Well, in order to make this process efficient and less time-taking, you can make use of Clean Email.

It is a very helpful tool as it is a bulk organizer which provides you with the ability to organize hundreds and thousands of emails at once with just a single click. It is pretty easy to use. You just need to first locate the archived emails in the clean email and then you need to click on ‘archived emails’ filter among the Smart Views label present on the sidebar on the left of your screen. 

You can make use of this feature completely in order to organize and manage your emails at once, irrespective of how many they are.

How To Search Archived Emails In Gmail?

Now, you should know how can you search the archived emails on you Gmail. You can do this with the help of the steps present below:-

  1. The search bar present in Gmail is for the purpose of searching the messages that are ‘archived’ and are put into groups such as email, date, size, or another keyword.
  2. Now, the All mail label would help you to view your email messages and would show you each and every mail in your Gmail, including the archived emails. 

Also, you might wonder why are ‘archived email messages’ present in Gmail, are not labeled by default. This is just because it depends on the choice of the user whether they wish to label them or not. 

How To Retrieve Archived Emails in Gmail?

You should be well aware of the fact that the ‘archived emails’ in your Gmail are nothing special but just regular emails that are have the label as ‘archive’ by default. In order to retrieve them, you need to remove or make the ‘archive’ label away. 

Firstly, you need to open the archived messages and then click on the ‘move’ option from the toolbar options. Its function is to remove the ‘archive’ label, and then for obvious reasons, it moves the selected messages to the inbox in Gmail.


Now, we come to the conclusion of this article. Here, we read about Gmail; its origin, features, benefits, services, archived emails, how to access archived mail, how to find archived emails, etc. We also talked about Clean Email in this article and all its features. It is an online bulk email cleaner that comes with amazing filters and can help you archive emails on its own, along with a number of other features it has to offer. 

Now you are finally fully aware of the archived emails and how do we retrieve them. Now you can find them and delete them as well, you can very well maintain your email organization systems very well and more effectively than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do archived emails go in Gmail?

When you open a selected email message of your choice in Gmail and then click on the archive button present there. After doing this, the message would instantly be now present in your inbox in Gmail to a label known as ‘All Mail’. You should know that your mail would stay there for as long as you want until you move it back to your inbox or even read a reply mail that comes back as a reply.

Can I get my archived emails back in Gmail?

Yes, you can get your archived emails back in Gmail. In this article, we have discussed how you can do so in detail. You can go through the article and leave no doubts unsolved about archived emails.

Why should I label my emails?

Labeling your emails could prove to be very helpful as it helps you to differentiate what kind of mail that is and it makes the organization system of Gmail much more effective than before.