What is career hub?

Everyone wants to be successful in whatever profession they have chosen for themselves. But that is not easy, is it? First and foremost we have to figure out what we are choosing for us to do. And even after that, it is really important that we try to find what our niche is. Well, this is only possible by exposure, and that exposure, and also recognition can be found through career hubs. There is a multitude of career hubs available on the internet, and why wouldn’t there be, we live in a digital world after all. The competition is top-notch in every field. So in order to stand out, we have to have something special to be able to stand out. In this article you will learn about what is career Hub.

What is career hub?

Career hub is an online database, where anyone; students and graduates, can visit to find all the necessary information required for the kind of job or internship that you are in search of. It has lots of data specific to every possible field of job that you are in search of. They offer a huge variety of career options that you may want to choose from. Career hubs are of great help to the inexperienced people that are stepping into this new world to kick off their careers.

A great start to a career will help build a strong foundation for their futures. This will also instill a lot of confidence in the person that has only just started their career. Career hubs also provide multiple windows of opportunities for people to find their ‘dream jobs’ and connect them with many job and internship opportunities.

What is career hub
What is career hub?

Reasons you need a Career Hub

We will get to know about the reasons why we should opt for career hubs, what makes them special and why they can be a stepping stone for the start of your hopefully amazing and successful career.

  • Career hubs are niche for industries. 
  • We can learn about the employers and also the influencers in the specific niche that you want.
  • You can create your own identity in that niche. 
  • You can get a lot of career guidance from your seniors. 
  • You may also be able to score mentorship from the alumni. 

They are niche

The world in which we live right now is a digital world. And we have plenty of information in regards to everything. The information available on the internet may not always be reliable and since there is too much information for everything it gets really hard to figure out what is right and what is wrong.


This situation is made better with the help of career hubs. These make our hunt for the perfect job so easy. They are niche and will provide us with information according to our needs. The information is filtered by skills, experience, qualifications, or organization anything that we require. It makes the process of job hunting so much easier for freshers.

This also makes understanding what a job requires from us to be easier. What a job wants from us in terms of your qualifications, the pre-requisites, skills, and things like that. The saying “quality is better than quantity” is true in this case. As the competition is ever increasing and is nowhere in the near future going to decrease it is better to be the best at what you do. You will be able to be a massive asset to your organization or wherever it is that you work.

Learn about the important people in the niche

Having information and contact with the right people in whichever industry you choose to be in can be very beneficial for you. When you are a part of a career hub, you will get many opportunities to get information about the most influential people in that niche.

Knowing as much as you possibly can about the niche, the comings and goings, the ins and outs, and everything in between is very important for every fresher that is trying to find what their niche is and also what it entails. Since when the hiring staff will assess you and your knowledge it is essential that we know about what we are expected to do and also about the place that we will be working in.

Their history and what the organization has achieved so far are expected to know by us, and not just that they might also want your opinion about it too. So it’s better safe than sorry, and being in a career hub will help you out with all that information.  

Creating your reputation in the career hub niche

Making a reputation and getting recognized for it is essential for the growth of your career. And to make your reputation you must stay true to yourself. Be who you are. Do not bend backward to meet someone’s expectations. Do what you feel you can do and not feel guilty about it later. And absolutely do not do something that you are not comfortable doing. Staying true to yourself will make it easier for you, it is good for the long run. Building a reputation under false pretenses will be harmful to you in the long run.

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Since career hub is providing us the opportunity to be able to interact with the employers and gives us all the information that we need, it easier for us to build a reputation, positive at that, in the industry that we have chosen for ourselves. 

Having a good reputation will obviously be beneficial for you in building your career up. One more thing that might help with the building of your reputation is attending seminars and also webinars conducted by the career hub. Attending them and interacting with the important people of the organization positively and enthusiastically, leaving a good impression on them. This will project a good impression of you in front of crucial people and will seem as if you are very good at what you do. 

Seeking advice from the seniors/ mentorship from alumni

Networking is one of the most crucial things that help people i.e, graduates and students but, also people at a later stage of their career, land jobs in industries. Seeking help from the right people at the right time can be really helpful and if you come across an opportunity, you must grab it and shouldn’t let go of it. 

A mentor is a person that helps and guides you throughout your career. You can ask questions, and seek for their advice in certain situations, they will assist you in whichever way that is possible. Having alumni as your mentor can be really helpful as they have been in your shoes and knows what’s the best course of action in particular situations. Career hub provides us an opportunity to contact and also communicate with the seniors given our performance. How much we left an impression on them we may be able to score their mentorship. 

Now since the reasons why we should use career hubs are thoroughly understood and explained we will go forth to the career hubs available for us and a little about each one of them. 

Career hub available options

  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed 


The following image shows the login page/sign in page of LinkedIn;

LinkedIn is the most popular and most used app among the youth as well as experienced people. It is an employment-oriented service that operates on websites as well as a mobile application. You can find the application on the google play store and also the apple store for ios users. This company is American and was launched on May 5, 2003. This app allows you to post about yourself, your learning, and your working journey. Some people hire people based on the skills a person’s profile shows(of course the information should be legitimate). They can hire someone or even propose an internship offer. It is a great platform and is largely used by people these days to gain working experience. 

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LinkedIn offers two versions; one is free of cost and the other is chargeable with additional features to it. The premium version is available for a trial period of one month for free and is later charged $13.89. LinkedIn also provides you with the ability to communicate with people publicly through public posts and blogs and stuff, but it also allows you to communicate with someone personally via chatbox.

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Indeed is also an American online service that is employment-oriented. It was launched in November 2005. It is also a website than enables us to communicate and find the best-suited apps for us. All the information about the employer and the employee is available to access. It is also available in the form of an application which can be found on the Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple Store for IOS users. Users from all around the world search for jobs on this portal.


In a world where there is an information overload for everything imaginable, a career hub is a blessing. It makes the search for the perfect job so much easier. It just cannot get easier than this. We also have to keep in mind that we need to have relevant skill sets in order to score the job that we are desperate to have.

There are a lot of available jobs and with the right amount of dedication and smart work, you will be able to score the job or internship that you have been counting on for a long while.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting your career or are in the middle of it, a career hub is a place that will help all of us. We just have to keep going and not to forget have a handsome CV to stand out. Perseverance is key. So keep trying and don’t give up on the search for your ultimate work experience.