Will the iPhone 5s work on 2022?

With the introduction of IOS 16, Apple will end support for the older versions of the iPhone.

Models supporting IOS 16

The models which support the new IOS 16 are iPhone 8 and later models. The older versions won't be getting any mistakes.

What about the older versions?

The iPhones released before and in 2016 including the iPhone 6s, SE, and 7 won't be supported with Apple updates.

Will the older versions work?

As far as the working of the older versions, including the iPhone 5S, all the apps and phones will continue to work without any interruptions.

New updates from Apple

You won't be getting any new software updates from Apple on the phone, which means no new features on your phone.

Vulnerabilities to the old ones

This could also lead to another problem, since you cannot update the phone, you are exposed to external software.

Apple's solution for older versions

The external software makes your devices vulnerable to hacks and malware attacks since updates solve many bugs. Apple may continue some security updates to old ones.

Replace the old ones with new models

These updates might solve the risk of exposing your device to critical vulnerabilities, and may not provide good service as the new software.

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