Why are phones removing the headphone jack?

Recently most companies are removing the headphone jacks from their smartphones entirely.

Reasons for removal

There are many reasons why a manufacturer wants to remove the headphone jack, some are good for the manufacturer and some for the consumers.

Space matters

As the phones are getting slimmer, every cubic millimeter counts and headphone jacks occupy quite a lot of space. The space adds up to the inclusion of other things.

Advantages of no headphone jack

The removal of the headphone jack makes it easier to waterproof a device and other internal software does the audio work.

Bluetooth Devices

Companies are developing Bluetooth devices to compensate for the removal of headphone jacks and to make up for the lost jacks.

Redundancy of audio products

These are a major source of redundancy since other parts like USB-C or lightning port can handle the audio duties on the phones.

Future Prospects of headphone jacks

We can only discuss many things about the removal, but the only thing we can do is adapt to the newer technologies to improve our user experience.

Adapt to the new technologies

Since a jack-less future is inevitable, we can use Bluetooth, and dongles to keep up with the changing technologies.

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