Where are videos saved after being downloaded from Facebook?

Learn where to find saved videos after being downloaded from Facebook  on iOS/Android through this web story

Why download videos?

Watch them as many times as you want, whenever and wherever, without any data consumption!

Saving videos for laptop/pc

1. log into your Facebook ID (site). 2. Under the explore option, find 'See more' link and tap on "saved" selections. 3. Your saved videos are available for download here

Saving videos for android/iOS

1. Log into your Facebook app. 2. Click on the 'See more' tab. The "saved" selections will appear next. 3. Here you can download all of your saved videos

Copying the Link

Go to the Facebook video that you want to download and click on the three-dot button in the top right corner of the video player, and select "Copy link."

Downloading videos for laptop/pc

Go to “fastsaveapp.com” (or any other site of your choice that helps you download videos from Facebook). Paste the link in the section given and start downloading.

Downloading videos for android/iOS

Download Facebook Video Downloader/FastSave app (or any other similar video downloading app). Paste the link in the section given and download for free

Seeing downloaded videos on laptop/pc

By default, downloaded videos are saved/stored in the Downloads folder and you can see the videos there.

Seeing downloaded videos on android/iOS

The videos are saved in the folder named after the app or in the Downloads folder. You can also see them in your phone’s gallery itself.

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