What's the average life expectancy of latest iPhone?

Unfortunately, the answer to this query is not in front, unless it is performing up to the mark.

Performance measures

There is no such measure to guess the  avz life expectancy of an iPhone, as a matter of fact for any phone. We consider some performance measures to guess it.

Lifetime Assessment model

Apple implement a lifetime assessment model to calculate how long a user keeps his iPhone, the criteria do not include if the iPhone is broken.

Average life expectancy of iPhone

Based on many criteria, Apple assumes that an average iPhone user keeps the Phone for about 3-4 years or even more.

Info from the iPhone trade

Based on this criterion, Apple assumes that an average iPhone user keeps the iPhone for about 3 years or more.

Performance of the iPhones

We can also predict the average lifespan based on the performance of the iPhones; this also includes different criteria to decide life expectancy.

Common performance measures

In iPhone, the three most common performance-related measures are battery life, storage, and abrupt functioning of the software.


In conclude, as long as it's performing to your satisfaction, there is no harm in holding on to the same iPhone in your hand.

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