What is the job of a Data Analyst

In this web series, we will learn about the job role of a data analyst.

Who is Data Analyst

A person that works with data and helps the organization to make their business decision.

Demand of Data Analyst

Data Analysts are in High Demand because organizations are growing rapidly in their analytics capability and the scope of this role is more in the future.

Data Analyst Role

They mostly work with organization-structured data. They create reports, projects, Graphs, and other visualization according to data. They use the data for the business to grow.

Responsibility of Data Analyst

Information experts look to comprehend the inquiries the business needs to reply and decide if those questions can be addressed by information.

Data Analyst Skills

SQL, Python, PowerBI, MS Excel, SAS, Oracle. These skills are a must for the data analyst role.

Data Analyst salary

According to data, the typical compensation for information experts/report authors in the U.S., in light of involvement is $103,250.

Data Analyst Future

The rising Demand for Data Stimulation and data reading. The Data Analyst job will be demanding in the future as well.

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