what are com. android.settings?

People these settings for malware, but in fact, it is a system software used to open the general features on a phone.

Runs basic tasks

It is a package in Android which runs some basic tasks and functions at the backend and makes sure all the settings run smoothly on the phone.

How to access the settings?

To access or modify these hidden settings, we need to use some codes on the dial pad, dial *#0*# to open and change them.

Error in com.android. settings

Sometimes some users experience the "Process. Com. Android. Settings stopped unexpectedly error, due to the irregular functionality of the software.

Restart the phone

The first method one can try is to restart the phone, just use the combinations of power or home buttons with the volume buttons to do this action.

Remove the cache

The error could be due to an unwanted cache in the mobile, so open the cache settings and clear all the data.

Factory Reset

Another method is to factory reset the device, make sure you are backing up the personal data, and then go for this action.

Use third-party software

We can use third-party software to fix the issue, download them and follow the instructions mentioned to resolve this issue on Android.

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