Top Most Monetization Ad Network for Publishers And Bloggers In 2022

Need to monetize your work effectively– you need assistance of any Ad Network that will place different types of ads.

Choosing a wrong Ad network!

Need to choose an ad network for the blog. Then extremely take care of your choice. Selecting any wrong ad network can spoil your effort.

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How to select an Ad network?

Selecting an ad network looks very easy, but in reality, it is not an easy task for a blogger. You need to check all the ad network parameters that suit your site or not. 

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List of the best  Ad Networks

There are a bunch of ad networks that are ready to provide money. And in this story, we’ve compiled the best monetization opportunities.

No1: Google AdSense

– it’s the most famous and renowned display advertising program on the Internet. However there are plenty alternatives, lets move to next.

No 2.

Reality makes one of the most widespread Google AdSense alternatives, though it’s a simple quality ad network.

No 3. Taboola

Taboola is a prevalent alternative for ads, but you’ll require min 500,000 traffic per month to start with it. 

No 4. Infolinks

It mostly helps you monetize your blog by placing contextual ads. If you do not get a chance to be enrolled in any ad network, then only go for this ad network. 

No 5. Ezoic  (Our Suggested Ad network)

Ezoic is an AI-based Ad network. Ezoic employs machine learning to push different ads placements  to discover the highest-earning ads for your site.