Up to 2x better low‑light photos using the Ultra Wide camera on iPhone 14

Apple's ultra-wide camera gives you 2 times better low-light photos. We will find out about it in this web story.

What is an ultra-wide camera

An ultra wide-angle lens can support a 94 to 118-degree field of vision and a focal length range of 20 to 13 mm. Stunning close-ups with a fine focus as near as 2 centimeters are possible with an ultra-wide camera and a cutting-edge lens.

Functioning of ultra-wide camera

An ultra wide-angle lens has an even broader field of vision since its focal length is shorter than that of a typical wide-angle lens. This takes a wide-angle picture.

How to take low-light photos 

Firstly, open your camera then automatically in low light night mode will turn on. now you are ready to take a good picture

Types of Methods to take a picture

Different Methods to take a picture like you can try many different poses for the pic.

All about the camera

Apple is now focusing more on camera quality and in iPhone 14 we have seen some good corrections in the camera 

Is the ultra-wide camera is good than other cameras

Every camera has been made differently and it has a different role as well. the ultra-wide camera is known for taking wide-angle pics.

Apple's first 48-megapixel camera

This time apple brings a powerful camera with 48 megapixels for the first time.

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