Google Smart Thermostat- All about it in just 1 min

The product of Google that solves a problem for billions of people. A Good product but a little Costlier.

What is Google Smart Thermostat.

This is a smart device that has a 3.3-inch display. This device is Based on A.I enabled thermostat which helps to control the temperature of the surroundings to maintain the energy.

Installation Process of thermostat

First, need to download Google home app, Now click on set up device then click on add device. Click on the nest thermostat from the device list. and at last scan the QR code.

Eco Temperature working

The thermostat has some inbuild set of temperatures for both heating and cooling and this set of temperatures is called Eco Temperature.

Working of Nest Thermostat (smart thermostat)

A.I powered device which keeps your environment temperature according to your need. It has Many Sensors that help to detect temperature and it also detects fire.

Safety Notification in thermostat

Thermostat Will send you a safety message on your device when there is something happening.

Multi-device and Multi-room support

You Can Control Multiple Thermostat devices on your single phone at your fingertips

Control System of Thermostat

The nest app will help you to control the device from anywhere. You can change the temperature from anywhere.

Temperature Schedule of Nest Thermostat

Some sets of temperatures are fitted in the thermostat and their schedule is also fixed as per the situation

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