Why iPhone is smaller than other Branded phones

Apple iPhone's patent is made smaller in comparison of other smartphones due to many reasons. we will find those reasons in this web series.

What we called as a Brand

A Brand is a term that describes. A Brand is an image or it can be a personality of a particular company.

Benefits of Small Phone

iPhones are made small so, the customers will get some benefits. The first is 'it fits better in hand'. The second one is sturdier and powerful'

iPhone a status symbol

Apple iPhone Gives you a premium feeling or even can be a status symbol to attract people toward it

iPhone components are branded

Apple makes almost all components of the iPhone since apple makes it so all the components are of the best quality.

How Apple become brand

over the years apple has been doing a consistent performance to provide the best service to customers and by doing this apple has become everyone's favorite brand.

what are iPhone's Disadvantages

A few Disadvantages of it are. First, the Battery life of the iPhone is very very less. Second, No protection if you lose the phone

Durability of iPhones

Official reports of apple claim that their iPhone front and back are more durable than their previous versions

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