Siri intelligence the Tool

This web story contains information about Siri functioning. Everything has been covered in this web story

Siri Working mechanism

The Siri works on a Deep Neural Network (DNN) to transform your voice's pattern into a probability distribution over speech sounds at each poin.

Types of technology involves in Siri

The two key technologies that Siri uses to operate are voice recognition and natural language processing, both of which are naturally linked with machine learning.

Siri can text your loved one.

First, activate Siri by 'HeySiri'. Now tell Siri to text a particular person by saying his or her name to Siri then she will do it for you. 

Different commands you can give to Siri

Make calls, Set an alarm for you, play music, play tv, open the camera, and many more things it can do for you. 

Types of Devices Compatible with Siri

All the iPhones, iPads, Airpods, all apple watches, and MacBooks. All these devices have inbuilt Siri.

Is Siri maintain your privacy

Apple is known for its customer satisfaction and maintains that it will not give your privacy to any other person. so, Siri will protect your privacy.

What Siri can do for you

Siri is built for everything that can be done on iPhone you just have to give a command and rest Siri will do it for you.

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