Samsung is shutting down DDR3 and DDR4 RAM to focus on DDR5

As technology is evolving the prolific memory supplier is focusing on DDR5 memory chips.

Reduced demand for older chips

The buyers for the DDR3 standard have already decreased and is time that the demand for the DDR4 is reduced too.

Price reduction for old devices 

So Samsung is cutting prices for the DDR3, while also reducing the prices for the popular DDR4 4GB modules.

DDR5 Chips

The new DDR5 chips are already making higher profit margins without even becoming the industry trend due to the pandemic.

Production in Memory Chip Companies

Due to this, Samsung and the other memory suppliers are ruling out the, lower margin DDR3 and evened out DDR4 chips.

Samsung's plan to dominate

Due to this lull in the market, to seek the dominant position as DDR5 is to become more prevalent certainly makes sense for Samsung to shift its production to DDR5.

Fall in prices of DRAMs

The prices of these DRAMs fell almost 11% across the board, in the second phase of 2022 alone, a dramatic shift in such a volatile industry.

New tech at affordable prices

In the short term, the cutting-edge technology will be more affordable due to the reduced prices of DDR4 and lower-priced DDR5 chips.

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