Samsung Galaxy z flip 4 smartphone details

Samsung Premium range phone comes with a totally new design called a Flip. I will tell you everything about this phone in this web story.

This phone fits well in your hand

This phone design is totally made to fit it on your single hand which feels more comfortable when you use it.

This phone claps without your hand

This is not a joke. Actually, you can clap with your phone first you just have to flip your phone towards your phone screen and it will clap

Unique fetures of Z flip 4 

Z flip series phone comes with a lot of different and Unique features like there is a mini screen in the phone where you can manage your task

The Best nightlife photos ever

Samsung Nightography camera gives you some cool night pictures. the nights are not dark anymore with this cool feature

Supper speed on your fingertips

This phone comes with a Processor of 4nm which enhances super fast speed and boosts your overall performance.

Durability Performance 

This phone is made of corning gorilla glass a one of its kind. It's the world's first foldable water resistance phone.

A self-protective phone case

A unique phone should have a unique phone case to protect it. Samsung builds the first foldable phone case for its z flip phones.

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