Are Human Robots our future?

Robots' Future will be decided by humans. Humans are making robots so if a human is good robot would also be good for the future.

Robots are Evolving

Even the robots will Evolve like humans. They will evolve in terms of technology and appearance. Robots don't have emotions and this is the major drawback for robots

Robots would create human invasion

They can't do that but if somehow this would happen then our future will be at major risk.

Human's End is near 

This can happen if we won't control the robot or their behavior and that day is not far when robots will rule

Robots Make work Easy and fast

Humans cant Work 24/7 but robots can though, this will add more efficiency for robots instead of humans and it will result in more work and easy work

Robot's lifespan are more than human?

Robots can work lifelong if maintained well and built well. Even can be refurbished to maintain their life.

Robots will rule this world

No, they can't do that. Many things are there that robots can't do that will require human intervention only.

Humans are more Efficient than Robots.

Humans are more productive, Creative, and Smarter than robots. Humans will be more efficient because of their creativity.

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