Recover deleted text messages on iPhone in 1 min

Text messages are important for us they contain private information and important information

Recover deleted text messages on iPhone in 1 min

This is arguably the easiest and quickest method of recovering lost texts. If you have an iCloud backup from before you destroyed the text, you can restore it.

Delete and restore 

if you have iCloud backup then you have goto settings then search for rest option after this just click on erase now

Delete and restore 

after the complete format is done restart your phone and you will have to tap on the option of restore from the iCloud.

The Finder app

 if you constantly back up your iPhone on mac then you have to just connect your iPhone to finder app then go to the general tab

Restore from finder 

When you reach the general tab in the finder app then you have to just locate the backup you need after that tap on the restore option, and done

Restore deleted messages on iPhone: from iTunes backup

connect your iPhone with the Mac in which you daily sync data. iTunes should open automatically if not you can open it manually

Recover lost iPhone texts from an iTunes backup

after iTunes is on check for the Restore backup option and then you can restore all your past data in which you can easily recover the texts which you accidentally deleted

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