My Snapchat Notifications Are On But Not Working- How to Fix?

Recently Snapchat users have been facing some issues regarding the notifications in the app.

Reasons for this issue

It is hard to say what could be the problem but let us explore some reasons why is it not working and how to fix them.

Notifications on the phone

Check for the notifications on the phone, go to the settings and make sure the toggle beside the notification is ON.

Personalize Snapchat custom notifications

The custom notifications in the app could be a problem, open the Snapchat settings and personalize as per your requirements.

Running in the background

Make sure the app is running in the background to send you notifications, navigate to general settings and turn it on.

Turn Off Do Not Disturb Mode

Open the control panel and make sure your phone is not set in "Do Not Disturb" mode and "Focus" mode on iPhone.

Remove app cache

Sometimes app's cache might cause some errors, open the app, navigate to the account icon and clear the app cache to rectify the problem.

Reinstall or log out and log in

If the problem persists, could be due to a software glitch, log out and log in to your device or reinstall the app.

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