Know about iPhone swipe-up feature.

The 1st iPhone started with one swipe gesture now we have so many of them

Left swipe on the lock screen.

This is the most userfriendly swipe gesture, you use this gesture to use your phone camera without unlocking it. Don't worry your photos are safe no one can view your past photos

Right swipe on the lock screen.

This is one of the most useful features for us if you want to check on your widget just swipe right best gesture for browsing news and your task schedule 

Down swipe on the lock screen

This swipe-down feature will take you to the control center where you can access some an important tool like flashlight record button and volume control.

Swipe down when the phone is unlocked

This feature will get you to a notification center where you can find all your past missed out notification even get in touch with camera tool option is at the bottom and on the right bottom, you will have flashlight option.

Swipe up on your unlocked device

This gesture will let you see all your past open apps, here you can close some of them if you face performance issues otherwise let them be there the reason being is the iPhone is too well optimized.

Reachability mode

Turn this feature on in your setting menu. After this, you all can swipe down on your home screen you will see a new version of your phone I bet you haven't used this till now.

Custom gesture

Download the app from the AppStore where you will be able to add your own swipe gesture because we covered all the swipe gestures in this web store. 

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