What is KDSPY v5 Software?

KDSPY used to provide: Revenue metrics, keywords, competitor research, book tracking, and more at your fingertips

Where KDSpy used?

KDSpy is utilized to explore the following aspects of Amazon: 1. Kindle Classes 2. Book Varieties 3. Keyword Results 4. Author Pages 5. Book Tracking 6. Advanced Tracking on Google

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How to Use KDSpy?

KDSpy v5 (also known by Kindle Spy). Its to easy to use to hunt the keywords and trends by simple instilling the extension.

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KDSPY v5 for Keyword & Niche Research

Choose your product and click on the KDSPY v5 extension for Keyword & Niche Research in just a sec.

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KDSPY v5 Pros

1. Handy browser extension. 2. Book tracking. 3. Supports numerous Kindle stores. 4. Obtains routine updates. 5. In Reasonable Price.

KDSPY v5 Cons

1. It doesn’t display Amazon on-demand information. 2. No aid for Safari, Opera and further browsers.

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How Much Does KDSPY Cost?

Gain instant access to your UNLIMITED lifetime account for KDSPY v5 today – for a "one-time" payment of $97, in just $59 (no monthly recurring fees – ever!).


Free #1: The Book Publishing Cheatsheets ($141 Value) Free #2: Make an Author Website Technique ($197 Value) BONUS #3: Book(s) ROI Tracking Spreadsheet ($27 Value)

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