Is MacBook Pro worth buying in 2022?

Apple announced the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air in the WWDC even of 2022. 

Inclusion of M2 Processor chips

The new models are receiving quite a bit of attention due to the inclusion of Apple's new M2 Processor (quoted to be the best) in them.

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

Anyhow the Air seems to be more exciting with all the new features included in it, but the MacBook Pro is sporting almost the same specs that are around since 2016.

Active Cooling

Active cooling is way better in the Pro model when compared to the Air model, with higher levels of performance and cooling under excess usage.

10-core GPU as standard

Pro has an inbuilt 10-core GPU as standard, whereas you will need an extra $300 to get it for the Air model.

Longer Battery Life

Apple's products are not really great with the battery, but the Pro version has a much better battery life in comparison to the Air.

Sustainable Performance

MacBook Pro delivers sustainable performance, if you are a professional editor it is an excellent choice for you to buy.

Suits all types of users

On its own, the old model is more than capable for all types of users, due to the advantages and the M2 chips over the others.

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