iPhone battery replacement in 1 min

Learn all about iPhone battery replacement in 1 min with this web story

Warranty by Apple

Your battery will be replaced for free by the Apple store if your iPhone is covered by warranty or AppleCare+

Not sure if you're covered under warranty?

Visit checkcoverage.apple.com  to for valid warranty or if you have apple care. Just enter the serial number of your device in the given space to check so.

Check for damages!

Any damage that prohibits the battery being changed, like a broken screen, must be addressed prior battery is changed. In some cases, there is also a cost associated with the repair.

Bringing for repair

Make an appointment at any Apple-certified service center. If your device is sent to an Apple Service Centre during your visit, it will be ready in as little as six business days.

Power issues

A damaged battery is covered by the guarantee, but regular wear and tear is not. There will be a service fee if your battery needs to be replaced & it isn't covered by the Apple care.

Repairing costs

Repair costs are decided if the issue is addressed under warranty or not. If the problem isn't caused by the battery, the cost of repair is told after figuring out what's wrong.

Getting further assistance

If an aged battery has harmed your device and you'd need assistance with a battery replacement, contact Apple Support for assistance, at getsupport.apple.com

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