iPhone 14 : Emergency SOS via Satellite

This new feature of Apple is the best till now which will help many people around.

Working of Emergency SOS Satellite

The experience of using a satellite link is distinct from sending or receiving a message over a cellular network. A message might send in as little as 15 seconds under perfect circumstances with a clear view of the sky and horizon.

Using of Emergency Satellite SOS

Hold your phone in your hand naturally and Verify that you are outside. Even when the screen of your phone is locked, the satellite connection can still be maintained.

Text Emergency service

By satellite emergency text, select it. To text 911 or SOS, go to Messages and select Emergency Services.

Availability of Emergency SOS

You need an iPhone 14 model in order to use Emergency SOS via satellite. Additionally, an iOS 16 software update due in November 2022 will be necessary.

Privacy of Emergency SOS

Your text messages are sent in encrypted form when using Emergency SOS through satellite.

How Emergency SOS will help people

This System by apple will help people who are in danger or in a bad place.

Apple's Best feature till now?

Yes this is the best feature for apple and it has created more brand image in front of people

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