iOS 16: Detailed Structure in 1 min

The IOS 16 has been made official with the announcement on the iPhone 14, let us know about it.

Cinematic videos in 4K

You can now take 4K videos on the new iPhone 14, the ability was limited to Full HD in the previous version.

Accident Detection

Your mobile can now detect car accidents, and will automatically alert the emergency services, and recognize the type of accident too.

More stability in Action Mode

Along with the 4K video, Apple has also introduced "Action Mode" to improve video stability while shooting action sequences.

Always on Display

Apple with the help of the LTPO screen has finally brought the "Always on Display" features, to increase the refresh rate to 1Hz to display information.

Dynamic Island

We can also predict the average lifespan based on the performance of the iPhones, this also includes different criteria to decide.

Dynamic Island features

Dynamic Island will allow users to use the notch area to see or display information like music players, notifications, calls, and alerts.

Emergency SOS using Satellites

Emergency contacts via Satellites, the long wait has come to an end, where you can send highly compressed messages or contacts via satellite without any cellular networks.

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