What is IoT

IoT makes a Device smarter by giving the ability to Send and Analyze data over the internet. IoT is termed as a digitally connected world of devices.

 IOT will create a new revolution

IoT Revolution is the best thing that will happen because industry, health, logistic, services, etc will boost by this revolution

What are Sensors in IoT

Sensors are tiny device that detects and send signals in response. sensors play important role in IoT.

Trust and security in IoT

Trust is an IoT-enabled chip that ensures a secure connection. No issue of security in IoT devices at all.

What type of Programing is used in IoT

IoT devices or projects used 'C' or 'C++' language to develop. But there are many different languages also which can be used.

Applications of IoT

Many Applications of IoT are used in day-to-day life. Like smart homes, Smart Cars are being developed by using IoT, Industries, Soil irrigation devices, etc. 

Future Prospect and scalability of IoT

It's the fastest and most rapidly growing industry. Scalability means scaling the business at a higher level which includes some parameters. 

Industry Impact due to IoT

Industries are growing fast with the help of IoT. It makes the industry work fast and easy to do.

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