iMovie- An 1 min guide.

  In these web stories, we will learn about iMovie in the Easiest way.

 What is iMovie? 

It's a software that is used to cut and edit videos in the simplest manner.

Can I use iMovie on pc?

It's a bit shocking for pc users. is that because iMovie did not support the PC version. sorry PC users.

Create a project and select the movie option

Click on the create project option in iMovie to get started with editing the clip.

Import video clip into iMovie.

This is the easiest process. you just have to click on the import button. then select the video you wish to edit. select footage and audio to import.

 Import the clip into the timeline

 Now you have to drag and drop that imported video in the timeline section and adjust the video.

 Start trimming the video.

Trim the edges of the video by dragging it and you can enhance the video as well

Add audio, title, and templets

You can add different things to the video. add audio and titles to the video, to make it more beautiful.

Exporting The video

 At last Export the video by clicking the export button, then select the platform and save it.

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