How to use an apple watch in just 1 minute?

I hope this apple watch tutorial supports you in understanding and navigating your watch properly.

Tip 1: The digital crown (aka Home button)

 You turn on the watch by pressing the crown, and when inside an app pressing, it will close the app and bring you to the home screen. 

Tip 2: zoom in and out with digital crown

When you rotate the crown, it zooms in and out in an apple watch. This is a handy feature when using maps, you just have to rotate it to zoom in and out

Tip 3: change volume using digital crown

Tip 3: change volume using digital crown

When in a media app like Spotify, the user can rotate the crown to adjust the volume of your air pods connected to your watch.

Tip 4: Activate siri using digital crown

You can also activate Siri just by long-pressing the crown. By pressing the side button and crown together you can screenshot.

Tip 5: Access dock using the side button

The dock will be seen when you press the side button of the Apple watch. The dock can be customized to show you the most recent apps.

Tip 6: Apple pay using the side button

 To enable Apple Pay, we need to double-tap on the Side Button. If you have multiple cards, you can scroll through them using the digital crown.

Tip 7: using swipe keyboard for messaging

you can use the qwerty keyboard to send messages, and the keyboard has swipe support making it much easier to type.

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