How to turn ON/OFF the flashlight on iPhone?

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Method -1: Center button

Method -1: Center button

hold down the center button to get Siri into action or just say Siri to active her, after this give her a command to turn on the flashlight

Method 2: widget method

Unlock your iPhone with your fingerprint or passcode. After this, Swipe up from the bottom and click on the torch icon option

Method -3: Lock screen option

You may also use the Lock screen to activate the flashlight: Hold the Flashlight icon in the bottom-left corner while pressing and holding the Flashlight button.

Third-party method

Download a flashlight app from Appstore; this app gives you total control over the flashlight of ios. These apps can also turn your flashlight into a disco light

Adjust the flashlight's brightness.

Swipe up from the bottom edge of your screen on an iPhone to launch Control Center.

Hold down the Flashlight button until the Flashlight icon appears. Drag the slider up or down to change the value.

Cons of using Flashlight

your battery will discharge quickly, the lifespan of a battery will slowly start degrading and your phone can also heat up while using Flashlight, worry not its completely normal and has no harms

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