How to Turn Off RTT on iPhone?

RTT (Real-Time text) is an accessibility feature on devices that lets you communicate over calls via text.

What is RTT calling?

It is enabled to transcribe both voices to text and text to voice, from both ends and can be archived later.

How does it work?

RTT/TTY are standard features on any device, which help the disabled to communicate over the phones more effectively using live features.

Turn off the RTT feature

If you do not feel like it is necessary you cannot remove the feature but at least can turn it off on your phone.

Go to the settings on your device

Go to the settings and navigate to the Accessibility section to get the RTT/TTY features on your phone.

Open the RTT/TTY settings

Scroll down to find the RTT/TTY in the section and turn off the toggle beside it to turn off the feature on your calls.

Disable the Hardware TTY

If you feel like disabling the "Hardware TTY", disable it to stop both RTT/TTY services on your phone.

How to turn it back on?

If you want to turn it back on again, you can follow the same steps to get it back on your iPhone.

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