how to transfer contacts from an android to an iPhone?

Contacts are way too important for us, lets make a backup of them and store in you new iphone and on cloud

There are many ways to transfer contacts from Android to an iPhone. Some methods include saving contacts to the iCloud, the sim, or you can use vcf files to share your contacts.

New to iPhone?

You can use "switch to iOS" app, this app has inbuilt guide for new people you wont have any trouble with sending your contact to iPhone

Method -1: third party app

The easy way is to save all contacts to the sim card, in your android phone, then plug that sim into an iPhone and now all your contacts are available now.

Method -2: The sim card

Cloud method, save your contacts from android to your mail and Login that mail in your iPhone. After this, you can sync contacts easily and now you have an online backup too.

Method 3: The cloud

Convert to a vcf file by selecting all contacts. You'll need to utilize a third-party app for this; the Play Store has a lot of them. Once you've saved all of your contacts to a single vcf file

Method-4: Vcf file

Now transfer that vcf file to either your email or directly to your iPhone, just tap on the vcf file and click import. All your contacts will be saved in your mail or on your iPhone. See, now you have another back up for your contacts.

So, you have all your contacts in your iPhone and if these method fails for you, then try using the "Xender" app. If the app seems confusing, then check out our next web story for that.

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