How to stop spam calls on iPhone

Annoyed of spam calls? Don't worry we will fix it with in a few seconds

Problematic spam

Spam calls nowadays are problematic for us, as they can lead us to fall for fake traps

Method Third-party

Download a third-party application from the Appstore regarding spam protector this app will help for protecting from spam calls. Truecaller like apps are the best for spam calls

Silence unknown calls 

iPhone, IOS 13 has an option to silence unknown calls. This will help you to ignore the unknown call

Call Blocking & identification

Go to settings then tap on Phone  Click the call blocking and identification then allow apps to manage your control

Manually detecting

Manually identifying the spam number, mostly spam and junk calls start from 0101 so don't answer them simple and easy

Why spam calls are big no?

Spam calls can manipulate you into buying useless products, or these spam calls can be controlled by hackers to steal your credentials

Indirect method

To protect your number from getting registered for these advertisement calls then just don't signup on-site with your number use your temporary email

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