How to split screen of iPhone 13 in 1 sec

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Split screen types

If you're using apps that enable multitasking, you can quickly split the screen and use another app simultaneously. Split Screens are classified into three categories.

Split View

This involves the appearance of two applications side by side. Using the slider between both programs, you may resize them.

Slide Over

One app displays in a mini floating window mostly on the left or right edge of the screen, which you may drag towards the left or right.

Centre Window

Some apps allow you to launch a center window that allows you to focus on that app while still allowing you to access other objects such as mail or a memo.

Splitting Screen

Step 1: Open an app. Now you must launch the new app that allows split-screen mode. Close the app as soon as you've launched it since you'll need it to display on the toolbar

Step 2

Return to the 1st app you wish to divide the screen with, select one with a large screen. Slide up to reveal the toolbar, which contains your recently launched windows and pinned apps.

Step 3

Relocate the app by long pressing till a thin square box emerges, pick that up from toolbar & slide it towards first app's screen. Release the app and shift it to whatever side you like

Other Methods

· To begin, go to the Apple App Store. · Go to Google and type in "Split Screen Multitasking." · Download and install the app, then open it to experience split-screen on your iPhone.

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