How to set up my new iPhone in just 1 minute?

In this web story, we are going to see on how to set up my new iPhone in just 1 minute.

How to turn on iPhone?

Hold the power button to turn on your iPhone. Swipe the slider right to begin activation.

Select language & region

Select the language which you want to use while operating the phone and also select your current country.

Choose a Wi-Fi network

Choose a Wi-Fi network

to connect to your wifi network, tap on your wifi network and enter the wifi password on new iPhone.

Activate the iPhone

Once connecting to the wifi network, you'll be prompted to enter your phone number

Security Features

you can add a password to your phone, you can use the touch id or passcode option to keep your phone secured

iPhone backup options

you can backup using iCloud or iTunes or from a previous android phone or you can just set it up as a new iPhone

Enable Siri

You can set up Siri now or you can do it later. You can select the voice option for using Siri.

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