How to send files from an iPhone to an android?

The easiest method to send files from iPhone to an android

Transferring to android?

Files hold so much information for us and sending them over to your android phone for backup is necessary or maybe you can transfer them to a computer

Today we will proceed with sharing files to an android phone from the iPhone These are such simple steps. Even if you aren’t a technical expert person, you will easily be able to do

Method 1 :Third-party

You can find Xender on the play store and Appstore, this app can be used for sending the files between your android device and the iPhone. This is a fast and convenient method that can save your time

Method 2: Bluetooth

Method 2: Bluetooth

An old-fashioned way of sending files but useful when you are out of the internet. You have to turn on Bluetooth on both the device iPhone and the android. Before pairing the device Check the name of the Bluetooth device

Step-2 Bluetooth 

Now click the name of the Device on either phone to start the pairing process, after the device is paired now go to file manager and select files that you want to send. The file sharing process will start and you will see your files in the download folder of your android device.

Method 3: sd card 

Copy all your files to the sd card of your device which you want to transfer to the android. After the file is copied into the sdcard plug in the card to the android phone and now you have all your files under the sd card section 

Method 4: Airdrop

This Airdrop feature is the same as nearby share in Android, turn on Airdrop and nearby share on both devices. Now you can share the files in between an Android and an iPhone. 

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