How to see who viewed your Instagram posts?

Instagram has been the internet's favorite social media platform since its inception.

Is it possible?

Here is what you can do to know, who viewed your Instagram posts, though it is not possible, but up to an extent.

Privacy concerns of Users

Due to security issues, Instagram may not show you exactly who viewed your profile, posts, and other personal details.

Track the liked users

To some extent, it is possible to see who viewed your content, going by the people who liked your posts online.

Know who watched your stories

You can keep a track of everyone who is watching your stories, unfortunately, this does not work for the photos and videos.

Viewers using the Business account

You can track the number of viewers if your account is a business account by tracking the weekly visitors count.

Tap on "Your Story"

To see who all viewed your story, tap on "your story" and swipe up on the screen to see the story options available on the stories.

Who viewed your Instagram story

If your swipe up again you can see the ID,s of every user who has viewed your Instagram story.

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