How to remove the sim card from iPhone in just 1 min?

In this google web story, we are going to  remove the sim card from iPhone in just 1-min

Sim card cleaning

Sim card cleaning is required after some months of use

Equipment required

You need a sim tray pin to detach the sim card from the phone. You can find this pin in your phone box

Find the sim tray hole

Put the pin in the sim tray hole, Then you have to apply the light pressure on the pin the tray will pop out.

Pull out sim tray slowly

Sim tray is a delicate part so handle it with care. Pull out some card great your sim is removed

Your phone network will be gone and you won't able to receive messages and calls.

if the sim card gets stuck

probably due to locking the sim tray key you are unable to get the sim tray out. In such a situation, you have to just follow the simple method 

Tips and tricks

Now you have to use a thin stitching needle. Put it in that hole and try pressing the button now if it works great otherwise you have to reach the nearest service center

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