How to make pink aesthetic wallpaper

How to make pink aesthetic wallpaper

In this web story wee will see how to make pink aesthetic wallpaper in few seconds on your iPhone?

our favorite aesthetic wallpaper can change our mood having your favorite color on the home screen has a better ability to boost our mood

Why favorite wallpaper important?

Favorite wallpaper is important because we have a psychological connection with us,  whenever we see our favorite stuff we get in good mood

Dopamine is released when our favorite stuff appears and our mood changes we feel happy. it is a harmon released in our body when we are in good mood


widget smith

in iPhone, widgetsmith can help you achieve your pink aesthetic you need to download multiple photos that you like to have on your screen and a pink wallpaper

After downloading

after downloading multiple photos, 1st set solid pink color as a wallpaper. after that use, widgets change every icon and the widget

Whatever you wish to change

select the widget in widgetsmith which you want to modify, which suits you the best set shortcut and widget name after this is done

tap on the icon of widget/shortcut in widgetsmith after this you will be able to change the icon to your favorite logo and you are done

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