How to make Airpods more audible on iPhone just in 1 min?

In this google web story, we will see How to increase Airpods volume on iPhone.

The reason behind the low volume on Airpod

Every AirPods cover with an inbuilt audio cap. These audio caps prevent the AirPods from playing your favorite melody at the most increased feasible volume.

How to attach Airpods to iPhone?

AirPods are one of the best Apple products that offers you a hands-free call and audio headset. You can attach it to iPhone by just fetching it out of your case.

Modify the EQ settings in the Apple Music

The EQ settings or the “Equalizer” settings adjust the music densely and efficiently with the aid of the Music application.

How are audio caps helpful?

Audio caps restrict the volume of your AirPods to have generic and slower-paced audibility. This assists in controlling any impairment to your hearing fitness.

Tip 1 to make AirPods more audible on iPhone

You require to clean the AirPods so that they sound up to your ideal. You will discover that there is a pleasing amount of earwax once you unlock AirPod.

Tip 2: Reconfigure the AirPods.

Nevertheless, you can locate that when the airpod come back inside the radius they are not calibrated. This causes issues of reconfigure on iPhone.


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