How to know today's Weather report on your iPhone?

If you want to know what is the weather or temperature at your place, you can use the weather app.

Location Services

The Weather app in the iPhone makes use of your device location to display the current location's climate.

How to turn on Location Services

To constantly know the weather conditions of your location, you need to enable your location services to "Always."

Settings app

To access the Location services on iPhone, open the "Settings" app and navigate to the privacy section to turn it on.

Toggle the Location Services to ON

Toggle the location services on, to let your iPhone of your location, this does not compromise your security anyhow.

Weather app permissions

Tap on the "Location Services" to see the apps having location permissions, you will also see "Weather App."

Change the Permissions to "Always"

Open the Weather App permission and set them to "Always", so that you get up-to-date on your exact location's weather predictions.

Monitor weather of multiple locations

Now you can open the weather app anytime you want to see the Weather conditions at a place, even for multiple places.

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