How to fix the calendar virus on iPhone?

 If you are seeing numerous calendar entries regarding the viruses daily on your Apple devices calendar.

What are calendar entries?

These calendar entries make you look like your phone is infected, but it is not due to any sort of virus on the phone.

Affects of Unsubscribed calendar

These effects are pushed on your device via a subscribed calendar. This might happen on an online website while you have visited them.

Deleting the Unauthorized dates

So to rectify this situation you need to delete the subscribed calendar on your device to stop these calendar viruses from reappearing

Go to the settings app

Go to the settings app on your device and navigate to the calendar section to see the details.

Calendar Accounts

Tap on the accounts, and then on the subscribed calendar to see the unauthorized and unfamiliar messages to you.

Details of the unfamiliar accounts

You can see the dates and details of the website you are getting these unfamiliar subscribed calendars on your phone.

Delete the unwanted dates

Now tap on it, and delete that account at the bottom of the dialog to get rid of those messages.

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