How to edit a video on iPhone in just 1 min?

Learn how to edit a video on iPhone in just 1 min through this web story!

Edit without using any third-party apps.

Your iPhone has a built in, easy to use video tool inside the Photos app, you don't need an extra software.

Trimming a video

1. open the Photos app, tap the video you wish to trim. 2. Select edit in the top right corner. 3. Preview the clip to see how much you want to eliminate/keep.

Setting duration of the clip

1. slide the handles to cut the clip's beginning and/or end. 2. Change the start and stop time with slider 3. Preview your video clip to ensure the trim is correct.

Saving as new

1. After that, tap Done, then Save as New Clip. 2. You can go back and make more modifications to it later if you save it as a new video.

To save space...

Trim original if it will never need to be done again. This will free up space on your device but the original video will be converted into the shorter, trimmed version.

Built in App

Although you can trim your clips with third-party tools like iMovie or splice, this tool is still a wonderful method to tidy up your albums and prepare clips for subsequent editing

Easy to use

Because trimming clips in editing software might be difficult, it is better to utilize the trim tool in pictures itself.

More than just trimming

The app also has other features that help to edit a video like text insertion and adding filters or audio.

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