How to do screen mirroring from iPhone to smart TV?

want watch it in the big screen? no worry we got your back, we will help you out with this

Want to watch the phone content on the large screen? The screencast is the best option For that, but you don't know how to use it? Let me guide you through the process

Before we begin

There are a few things to keep in mind. Your phone and tv should be on the same network, This means Your tv and the iPhone should be connected to the same wifi so they both can be connected in the screencast

Some TVs like Samsung have their application for screen casting you got check with your tv brand that do they have a specific app for screen sharing on their tv or not. If not then you can use any general screen-sharing app

Method-1: The third-party apps

There are pretty many apps on the Appstore to make screencasting easy for you the best is “chrome cast” but you can download any app whichever you prefer.

Method-2: AirPlay

Please be sure to stream only high-quality videos or photos otherwise you won't enjoy the clarity of the picture if not video/photo will be extra blurred. Keep in mind to at least stream 1080p quality pics/video


 The  AirPlay application is the default casting app on iPhone. This app will search for all devices connected on the same wifi after that you will be given a list of options to choose the specific device


Select the device where you want to stream your mobile content to the big screen. Now select the device, after this there will be a popup for the code and this code will be only visible on your tv so copy from there and enter into you iPhone

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