How to connect iPhone to BMW Car just in 1 min?

Here in this web story, we will learn How to connect iPhone to BMW Car with great unknown hacks.

How does iPhone connect to the BMW stereo or music box?

Most of the BMW music boxes or stereos, comes with the Bluetooth or NFC connectivity. So, use them.

Can an iPhone connect to BMW speakers?

Yes, the iPhones are perfectly able to connect to BMW stereo via Bluetooth or by the use of the iPhone connector. You can use OTG cable too.

Are the BMW Speakers radio inbuilt?

Yes, the BMW speakers are radio enabled and can be connected with just the Radio FM set via iPhone.

How Do I Connect the iPhone to the BMW stereo?

Let us learn now how do we can activate Bluetooth and connect it to the BMW stereo of the car.

Step 1: Open iPhone Bluetooth

Go to the Settings of your iPhone and search the “Bluetooth” tab given in the list of settings. Open it and activate the Bluetooth toggling it.

Step 2: Pair up with the BMW speaker:

After opening the Bluetooth on iPhone, pair up with the BMW speakers and connect both of them. Once connected you can play any music.

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