How to clear the cache on iPhone?

The most important thing to do for saving your storage

How to clear the cache on iPhone

Cleaning cache on iPhone is necessary now Days. It frees your phone memory but also deletes data

Pros of clearing cache

Clearing the cache will free a lot of storage memory. Yup it does free up space for taking more photos or installing apps

Your phone will work faster than usual, as the storage device also impacts the speed of your Device. And your mobile game will give better performance

Cons of  clearing cache

The cache holds a lot of storage on the device to make your interaction with the app lot easier but if you clear the cache, the app needs to store login info and other credentials in the cache. Cleaning the cache means starting over in the app.

Which apps aren't cloud-synced that app will have trouble building your feeds again for better interaction. So just clear the cache of apps that store data on the cloud.

Method-1" safari cache

safari application holds too much cache storage to save all your cookies and history, deleting safari cache will free up almost around 1GB of data for that, go to settings and then search for a safari after that tap on the clear history option. This will delete all your cache from safari.

Method -2: Manual method

Sort the apps of which you have to clear the cache then go to settings and after that tap on general  there will be an option for iPhone storage after this  select the app and then just delete the app it will uninstall the app and you can reinstall it from AppStore

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